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Fannat added 2019-11-17
My things just messed up! And no one wanted to talk to me and return the money.


Garry added 2019-11-17
This dry cleaning site attracts with its advertising. It seems that the prices are not high and the quality of work is excellent. I decided to check. Indeed, the prices are excellent for such a job.


Troy added 2019-11-16
The dry cleaning site is just great. Great staff, and the prices are reasonable.


German added 2019-11-16
I found a dry cleaning site on the Internet. When I wanted to know the working conditions, they answered me very rudely, they said everything is written on the site. Very rude attitude.


Bob added 2019-11-15
I want to draw your attention to this site. Never turn to them for help. They are scammers.


Daniell added 2019-11-15
Before you use the services on the Internet, you must go and see in person. I was deceived, there was no dry cleaning at the indicated address. Good thing I checked at the beginning.


Klaus added 2019-11-14
Dry cleaning is just great. I constantly seek help. Everything is always top notch.


Daniell added 2019-11-14
Found a site on the Internet for the provision of dry cleaning services. I turned to the manager for advice. They helped me, saved my things.


Mason added 2019-11-13
This dry cleaning site is a real scam. I wanted to clean the blanket and pillows, but they deceived me, they didn’t return my things.


Daniell added 2019-11-13
I wanted to clean things, I called to find out the prices. I was disappointed, very high prices. I do not advise.


Shirley added 2019-11-12
This site has been down for a long time, only ads are hanging dry cleaned.


David added 2019-11-12
I wanted to say thanks for the work. Excellent specialists, equipment at a high level.


Logan added 2019-11-11
I used the services of this dry cleaning, I liked everything, everything is clean.


Grace added 2019-11-11
Turned to this site for help, clean things. I was pleased with the work done.


Bob added 2019-11-10
Do not believe these scammers. They cheat, send defective goods.


Donna added 2019-11-10
Great point selling site. They have a large selection, you can agree on a discount.


Uran added 2019-11-09
I ordered glasses for myself on this site. The seller offered a good price. I like it.


Harper added 2019-11-09
When the package arrived, there was not my order. No one answers my complaints.


Doront added 2019-11-08
I wanted to make a gift, I ordered glasses on the site. The manager suggested a good option, thanks for that.


Jayden added 2019-11-08
Often I fall for deceivers on the Internet. This site is no exception, I was deceived when ordering glasses.