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Robert A Jones added 2020-07-01
i ordered a bowl and a wish to mixs dough, not worth the money very cheap product what to send it back but cant find a place to send it help me pleaae


Crystalle Ebbinga added 2020-04-05
This is the most friendly congregation I have ever been a part of. When you walk in the door your know you are loved and accepted!


TealBoo added 2020-03-01
TealBoo Türk oyunu


Alex added 2020-02-06
This website is a load of bollocks. Why would an Australian company use a US server unless it wants long distance latency and slow page load times? Better to use Australian servers for faster response times and create a better user experience. (Most sensible people would expect a company that places value on ethical outcomes to value its members). Pity the website doesn't use valid code either, so cannot be used by every modern browser. Not what you would expect from the intellegent use of digital technologies now we are well into 21st century.


HELP12 added 2020-02-03
I can no seem to get back in my account. I want to withdraw my winnings but can not get back in my account my email is contact me tell me how to withdraw Superbowl winnings as well as when You going to send me note on changing password etc. My password was Espn1234


Fannat added 2019-11-17
My things just messed up! And no one wanted to talk to me and return the money.


Garry added 2019-11-17
This dry cleaning site attracts with its advertising. It seems that the prices are not high and the quality of work is excellent. I decided to check. Indeed, the prices are excellent for such a job.


Troy added 2019-11-16
The dry cleaning site is just great. Great staff, and the prices are reasonable.


German added 2019-11-16
I found a dry cleaning site on the Internet. When I wanted to know the working conditions, they answered me very rudely, they said everything is written on the site. Very rude attitude.


Bob added 2019-11-15
I want to draw your attention to this site. Never turn to them for help. They are scammers.