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Bruno added 2019-10-19
When I first came for a massage, there was a female massage therapist. I thought it won’t help me. But she has amazing hands. She was able to put me on my feet in 2 months.


Harry added 2019-10-19
I wanted to ask for help on this site, but read the reviews and changed my mind. Too many bad reviews.


Mason added 2019-10-18
Masseur knows his job. After a course of massage, I can walk freely again, it helped me a lot.


Valerie added 2019-10-18
Record on this site for a month in advance. They have really excellent specialists, they make a wonderful massage.


Klaus added 2019-10-17
I needed a massage. He called on the numbers indicated on the site, agreed on a massage course for 2 weeks. The specialist is just great. It helped me a lot.


Alex added 2019-10-17
This site offers massage at home. But apparently I did not understand their services. In my opinion this is a slightly different massage ...


Valerie added 2019-10-16
Passed a massage course, was very pleased. Specialists are just great.


Sten added 2019-10-16
Found a website on the Internet for massage services. Booked an appointment, waiting for the result.


Elena added 2019-10-15
I searched the Internet for massage services. I found a site, but as it turned out, stupid workers work there.


Garry added 2019-10-15
Do not fall for beautiful advertising on the Internet. This site is cheating, no massage at all.